My name is Anita and I’ve always had an interest in nature. My husband and I love the outdoors and have a beautiful 2 1/2 acre property in Florida, yet despite my interest and determined intent, I threw away dozens of poor plants I’d inadvertantly¬†killed over the years.

Even “hardy” houseplants who needed very little attention croaked under my ministrations. Either too much or too little water, too much or too little light, no fertilizer, too much fertilizer, where others seem to have a natural gift for all things green, I never had much luck….I want to encourage others with a “black thumb” that there is hope of having a bit of nature in your life.

Well, I found a new obsession that requires very little attention to thrive, yet still looks beautiful. And they were all around me in the backyard the whole time! Go figure that the new trend in natural design includes air plants and it took a Google search to find out.

Fast forward a week or so. I’ve gathered dozens of air plants from my trees, found even more interesting ones I ordered online, and even made a trip to a tillandsia grower.

What I didn’t find was lot of detailed information for these wonderful plants, so I hope to learn and educate others like me who missed the green thumb gene.


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