Air Plant Adventure

Oh, what fun it is to ride...all the way to the tillandsia grower. Now, when we go, its a day trip and we have a lot of fun. Actually, the search and acquisition of materials for our art and our garden are the best times.

Now I don’t know that I’d like to have an operation of this size myself, but what I wouldn’t give to have just one of his “greenhouses”. The funny thing is, when we get there our list goes right out the window once we walk into the first area and our eyes flit everywhere looking at all the different plants as far as we can see.

The owner recognizes us from our last visit (was that really last month?) and asks us if we need an escort. We assure him we’re fine but ask him for a quick rundown on what is and is not available. He takes us through the house pointing out the tables that hold the plants he will not sell and he tells us why too. Some are extremely rare and will probably never be available for sale. Some are “pupping” and some are for other orders.

We are captivated-there are new varieties here today that were not here last month. We are disappointed-a couple of the ones we really wanted to get are not available right now. If we had known, we would’ve bought 5 or 6 more of the Xerographicas last month when he had hundreds. There are none of that size here today, only babies. That’s ok too, we got some babies and I’ll be able to document their growth. Apparently, they are already 2 years old.

We end up getting a lot more plants than we intended-mostly new and even found that our grower actually has some varieties we thought we’d only be able to get in California. We got some more Funkiana and Filifolia, some Fasiculatas and Streptopyllas, as well as some Ionantha Peach, and Ionantha Peanut (crazy little balls of beauty). So 8 new varieties plus 28 re-stocks equals another 43 plants, yay! I’m a mother dozens of times over.

Getting them home, I feel like the little old woman that lived in the shoe with all these new babies to find beds for. Definitely have to make another air plant bed for the new additions as things are getting a little crowded. Plus, there are four more art projects in the works now that we hope to complete and put on the store this weekend.

As I learn more and find more resources, I’ll be sure to share them here with you. Now, my latest project should be dry enough to mount my little Argentea. He is one of my new favorites because he looks like a little fuzzball and I’ve always had a thing for fuzzy things.



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