Air Plants All Around

Today is the first day I’ll be able to go outside since it has stormed the last 2 days. Need to finish a couple of ongoing projects and get them up on our Etsy store.
I also have a couple ideas I want to try with some air plants around the house.

But really, I just want to walk around the yard snapping pics of our most prolific Florida air plants, the tillandsia recurvata, or ball moss; though it’s not a moss at all. Very common, I never really thought about them as anything other than some wild plant around the yard (and they are wild).

Big bunch with several buds.

Having acquired quite a collection now of different air plants and succulents, I see that my native air plants are quite unlike many that you commonly see online. Now that it has stopped raining, there will be literally hundreds, if not thousands, of these recurvatas blooming with their delicate lavender flowers as far as the eye can see around here.

Oh, that reminds me…I should put some photos up here just in case someone wants to see the yard I’m talking about or the projects I’m working on. So that’s next….be back soon with some pics.

The Yard

Top of Driveway

To exit

Going down



I’m going to start a series showing the life cycle of these recurvatas as well, so look for that coming soon.


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Nature lover, problem-solver, and all around Southern girl.
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