Duratii in bloom. Larger plant with stiff curling leaves. Fragrant.

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X Victoria

X Victoria

X Victoria in bloom

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Shopping Season is Here

Now is the time when people begin to shop for the holidays (unless you’re super thrifty and you buy gifts on clearance or on sale throughout the year and stash them away until it’s time to give them).

 So now is the time to gear up your inventory and start making products specifically for the season or holidays. Listing for Halloween items should begin now if you have them, Fall themed items, Thanksgiving, and Christmas etc. Most studios have local venues they cater to as well, so do it.
We are totally booked for every weekend in October and November so far between our Local Fresh Market and some Arts and Crafts festivals. I’m sure you can find events in your area by reaching out to your guilds or we’ve also found this site helpful…
www. nowhitetents.com
The site lists other shows that are not included in American Craft Endeavors and are usually much less expensive (as well as events that are smaller or don’t require tents at all.)
Good luck with the shoppers and may the sales be with you!
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Capitata x Xerographica Air Plant

Just a quick post to add photos, one of my Capitata x Xerographica is blooming. I wonder how long it will be before it pups. Here’s the pics even though some of the flowers are already spent apparently.

Gorgeous hybrid

Love the light colored curly leaves of the Xerographica with the colorful blush and bract style of the Capitata.

The link to The Living Art


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Sorry it’s been awhile since my last post. I hope to rectify that here shortly by forcing myself to take a little time to write each day. Oh, but we’ve been sooo busy with our Etsy store. Omigosh, it is now officially an obsession with these air plants!

We’ve added a bunch of new pieces to the store, check it out here. What is really crazy are the lengths we will go to now for finding new ideas. I put in the description of our latest piece that I would share the story here.

Okay. We are always on the lookout for new things to use with our air plants so we haunt thrift stores, estate sales, craft stores and the like. On our way to our air plant supplier for some new stock Friday, we see a couple of cars parked along the side of the road. A sure sign of a yard sale (although we didn’t see the sign at that point). Of course, we had to turn around and one of these days I might actually pick up that bumper sticker that reads “Warning-will brake for yard sale”.

Not a table in sight but we pull over and park behind another truck. Sure enough, people are walking back to their cars from the fenced back yard (darn, just missed those cute wooden flamingos painted a bright pink that every Florida yard should have). Oh well, they were much too big for our air plants anyway. I digress, sorry.

Our neighborhood features homes on 1 acre or more so there is actually a dirt drive cut across this property leading to the back yard, which is weathered wood privacy fence. Lo and behold, there are three or four cardboard arrows mounted on stakes along the drive to follow even though a couple may have been skewed by the wind. Once you enter the gate you see a large shed that has a few toys scattered in the open front, so you know you’ve found the right place. To the right (behind the house) they have made a nice area with a pond and waterfall and seating to relax. It was nicely done and it made me want to befriend them so I could sit there and relax too. Again, I digress.

So upon turning into the shed, there are the usual tables set up and shelves all around with the usual stuff of yard sales to sell. Bric-a-brac, xmas stuff, other holiday items and of course the toys, which even the grandkids must have outgrown. Jackpot! There is a nice collection of bottles too that are really neat and really cheap. He even threw in the stories of them for free (mostly from cruises they had taken over the years). Now, those bottles are great but as we moved around the circle set up, I am captivated by a collection of alligators. Plush, ceramic, plastic alligators are all featured and I had to ask about the story. Over the years these things had been collected based on this man’s nickname of Gator and he was from Idaho so I had to ask if they have alligators in Idaho. He said, “No, there aren’t any alligators in Idaho” and so my response was to ask him if his nickname had anything to do with their moving to Florida. We had a little chuckle then I gathered up most of his gator collection, some of the most interesting bottles, and his M & M collection.

Making our way back to the truck, our arms burdened with our finds and a little lighter of pocket, we already had some ideas of how to use these new treasures. These are an ideal draw for the kids for the upcoming exhibit we’re planning to do and once you get the kid’s attention, Mom and Dad will look too. Having another baker’s dozen of items to use in the shop didn’t stop my hubby from stopping in again this morning. Boy, I’m glad he did. Apparently our interest in his gators got him thinking about other gators he could part with and so we have added several new gator items to our collection.

I know I only get to keep them a little while, but I sure will enjoy them until they find a new home.

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Marvelous Miracle

Ok, I know it’s kinda ridiculous to get so giddy over something that may be common, but I’ve never seen such a thing in my life. If you have, leave a comment. I’m wondering if I could make this particular plant an instant ball with so many flowers.

So this is a Leonameana x Stricta hybrid and it has five (yes, 5), flower buds on this single plant. Hard to believe, but I captured this beauty with my camera so you could believe what your own eyes see.

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A New Nursery for a New Year!

Well, it’s the beginning of a new year and we have outgrown our little nursery. That means it’s time to build a bigger, better nursery. This baby will be a 12 x 18 lean to nursery against the side of our “big shed”. I can’t wait to get the roof panels and sides up so I can start building my plant racks and shelves for our finished pieces.

Yes, I love seeing them all around me inside, but really, it becomes a little too much when most of the family room is taken up by my “babies”. Good thing the cold front waited until after Christmas, we’d never fit the whole family in for Christmas Eve dinner otherwise.

So here are a few pics of the project and I’ll keep adding as the work progresses. So exciting……

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